For the Groom

Wondering what to get your dream guy? Then meet the dream team of Chateau La Femme before your wedding for Bridal Boudoir photography and unique grooms gifts. A photo experience at Chateau La Femme (located in the heart of Hollywood, CA) is much like being styled at a movie studio by a Hollywood dream team. Chateau La Femme provides brides access to the same stylist whose dressed many A- List movie stars and your very own private, personalized photo shoot by a Victoria’s Secret photographer, Linda Posnick and celebrity stylist Shari Geffen.

As their most popular offering, brides’ shoots at Chateau La Femme are moments to remember. Before a bride takes the walk down the aisle, her lucky man will be captivated when he opens his exquisite grooms’ gift presented to him before the wedding ceremony or on the wedding night. It also makes a stunning and memorable first year anniversary gift of her at her most beautiful. From custom-made photography books to playing cards, this is a gift your groom is SURE to love.

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Remember your groom’s gift? If you’re looking to splurge on an extra-luxurious bachelorette party and your girlfriends consistently drool over the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a whole day at Chateau La Femme might be in order.

Brides or bridesmaids who are interested in splurging can choose the “Crystal Chateau” or “Diamond Chateau” Party. In each party session bridesmaids are also photographed and enjoy a special day together with the bride before the wedding. Or, brides and bridesmaids can choose the Victoria’s Secret-Style “Backstage Angel” session which makes them the star of their own high-end fashion shoot, turning the fantasy of being a Dream Angel into a reality with fun Moulin Rouge inspired styling.


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